The December 1st Holiday Art Sale was successful despite the weather that kept people away. Thank you for coming out to those who braved the weather. 

NOTE: Because of the disappointing art-sale weather, I lam leaving the artwork on the wall through January 1, 2020 in case you'd like to shop for Holiday gifts for local family and friends. ​You will find lots of artwork to choose from. 

I cannot ship outside of the Twin Cities at this late date; but I can ship for later dates if you are not in a rush. 

Email me (click the "Contact Me" link above) to schedule a time you'd like to stop by. I am not traveling over the holidays. 

Contemporary Abstract Artist

What’s Up & Coming in the Back Yard Art Studio?

What am I making now? It took a few days after the Art Sale to start working on my next art project. I chose to work on 5 to 10 cold wax medium and oil paintings on paper and other substrates like concrete panels. I am looking forward to honing my cold wax medium skills and testing other substrates for this medium. You can witness "works in progress" if you schedule a private visit to my studio. 

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